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KidsMeet Concept

KidsMeet is a concept developed from the success of TeachMeet. KidsMeet events provide children with the opportunity to speak about their learning in a positive environment. This is in the form of a 5 - 7 minute group presentation to be given by children, for children. Content can focus on the effect that their teacher's innovative practice has had on their learning, an element of their learning that has gone really well or simply something they would like to share with other children and teachers that has made a difference to them or changed their approach to learning. 

All presentations should include real classroom experiences.
Examples of presentation focuses: ■ A piece of software ■ A lesson ■ A web or physical resource ■ A tip to help others

KidsMeet Format

The KidsMeet format involves a departure from the traditional TeachMeet format, leaning more towards a carousel style of presenting. There are 2 sessions, in each of which half the children involved will be presenting and half watching. In addition there may be pre-recorded or live presentations from schools unable to be at the event physically. 

After each presentation there will be a short informal time for the children who have watched the presentations to discuss what they have seen. Each school involved will be given a route plan of presentations they must see. This will insure that all the children involved have an audience for their presentation whilst still giving enough flexibility for the children to choose some of the presentations to watch that interest them most.